Salar prefab ,was founded in 2005 on the basis of technical rules to manufacture caravans and prefabricated houses by specialized cadre which consists of technicians in carpentry ,blacksmithing, secondary ceiling and expert engineers in civil and architectural works. Salar prefab has paramedic administrative cadre ( the presidents, accountants, legal’s, and labors administrations). In regards the industrial field , salar prefab executes the projects with the most modern equipment. We are familiar with all the details of this industry in the world via the field visits or corresponence through the spider net. We in salar prefab prefer to obtain profit like the other ssociations but we prefer to offer the most developed and nicest caravans in the world and prefabricated houses. Moreover, we are countinuous in developed conecerning quantity and quality. We believe in the slogan wich we have undertaken and believe in (our prices are below we enlist some of the projects which we implemented during the previous years