Our success story started from 1989, on this year we produced iron molds for hydraulic sheet metal press brake bending machine in mosul city with a special quality resistance for environmental circumstances . on 1991 we created a factory for backup materials for cooker and heater. 1994 we created a factory for iron coating, nickel, galvanize products and industrial material. Year 1997 we repaired the factory of cement, backup materials and large iron material . We repaired the factory of hamam ali, sinjar ,karbalah ,kuffah , samawah . We implemented many projects from 2005 and ongoing. Salar prefab a private ownership company was founded in 2005, on the basis of technical rules of manufacturing and prefabricating portable sandwich panel cabins. 2006 we fabricated many caravans for general security directorate and ministry of peshmerga in Kurdistan region with the a special quality. Year 2007 we fabricated cabins in different sizes and design for municipalities ministry in kurdistan region. 2008 we fabricated buildings of sandwich panels for Erbil international airport and many other projects schools and offices guard points... 2009 we provided IRAQI NORTH OIL COMPANY with cabins and provided zozik company with many carnavans in chamchamal. Year 2010-2015 we implemented too many projects to several companies , we have done several successful projects . Year 2016-2020 we fabricated many cabins and caravans for schools factories offices projects United nations UNICEF etc.... we created a center IKBC center a connection between italy and kurditsan with several projects.